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Roll & Restore

27 Mar 2021

Myofascial Release Workshop (Upper Body Release)

Saturday 27 March 1.30-3pm

Experience the magic of Roll & Restore using myofascial release therapy balls with Carol Man to target trigger points in the common areas in the body and release tension in the connective tissues/fascia.

During this 1.5 hours workshop for which you will receive and take home your own therapy balls designed by your facilitator, Carol, you will be guided to release tension in common areas of the upper body (back, shoulders, arms, neck, head) using Therapy Balls designed by MyYogaEssence.

This workshop will

  • Teach and introduce to you the benefits of myofascial release and the techniques you need to give yourself a deep tissue massage
  • Restore the fascia
  • Build tissue resilience
  • Expect to feel more relaxed, restored, and mobile after this practical myofascial release workshop.

Open to everyone. No previous yoga experience required.

A note from Carol on ‘Why Therapy Balls?’

Not every ball is created for the purpose of the fascia. I have rolled on all kinds of balls from a golf ball, tennis balls, lacrosse balls to spikey balls but none of them work as effectively as the therapy balls that I have specifically designed. The Myofascial Release Therapy Balls are by far the most versatile and effective in reaching the deep layers of fascia, without damaging the outer layers. It is designed with the right hardness that has a gentler touch and is giving when pressure is applied while gripping on the skin so it doesn’t easily slide off. They are the ‘goldilocks’ in the world of balls and are very durable.


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