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Spiritually Fit

Feb 27th - Sep 2nd 2022

Join Kate Kendall on this six-month deep dive into a container of spirituality.

Made up of potent practices and philosophies steeped in the yogic tradition, learn techniques to boost your immunity, increase energy and reveal the emotional blind spots that keep you from stepping into your brightest self.
“The work is deep and often confronting but a true gift and the results are indescribable”.

Be immersed in philosophies that, when embodied, compliment your contemporary lifestyle and are evolving in their nature.

Through monthly meet ups and conversations as well as consistent (but doable) participation in self rituals, you will crack into that deeper side of yourself that is connected, inspired and more aware.
As you journey deeper into this experience watch the world around you change.
This comes to you through Kate’s own experiences with these practices and the witnessing of big things in her life shift.
“These practices are precious. They are a gift. I feel so blessed to have been inducted into them myself and look forward to sharing my own experiences and lessons with you. This is for you if you truly want to commit, see the truth of your life, take action and make a difference.”

What You Get

  • 6 x Rituals (made up of mantras, meditations and breathworks)
  • 24 x Reflective Emails sent weekly
  • 7 x in-person gatherings of 3 hours each (except closing circle which is 2hrs) and connection points with Kate and others on this journey. That’s around 20 hours of in-person contact. These gatherings are designed for you to be initiated into the month’s ritual as well as a deep exploration of each indivodual practice that makes up the ritual as a whole. Your commitment to these sessions is important.
Please note that this is not asana (posture) based but a consistent in-studio practice will compliment your journey.


  • For some this will be an establishment of a spiritual practice and for others, an evolvement.
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Supercharged immunity
  • Begin clearing past trauma and emotional blocks
  • Rekindle your inspiration to be of service to the people around you
  • Connect with and feel supported by others on the program

Important Dates:

  • Sun 27 Feb 12-3pm – Opening Circle and Ritual 1 Initiation
  • Thurs 31 Mar 5.30-8.30pm – Ritual 2 Initiation
  • Sat 30 Apr 12-3pm – Ritual 3 Initiation
  • Sun 29 May 12-3pm – Ritual 4 Initiation
  • Fri 1 Jul 5.30-8.30pm – Ritual 5 Initiation
  • Sun 31 Jul 12-3pm – Ritual 6 Initiation
  • Fri 2 Sept 5.30-8pm – Closing Circle


$835 or $34 a week (includes over 20 hours of in person contact with Kate, life long access to all the content).

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