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Personal Training

Whether your goal is fat loss, fitness or muscle gain our team of knowledgeable and experienced trainers will help you get there.

Appointments are available morning and night 7 days. We will find you the right trainer that will help you get the most out of your fitness experience.


By building a relationship with clients, our trainers are successful in helping achieve long-term, life-changing results.


Whether you want a pack of one or two session to fast track your alignment and understanding of yoga, an ongoing private yoga membership or a Yoga Intensive Pack, we can work towards your goals by first assessing your needs in a one on one consulation.


Session 1: 45min one on one where we go through your workons/goals and the teacher checks on your form

Session 2: In-Class private during which you have the one teacher on you the whole time. Beautiful guidance and adjustments.

Session 3: Relax private. You’ll be given some useful tips to relax both on and off the mat.


Flow Athletic is proud to launch our Body Metrix Ultrasound composition testing.Over the last 5 years Body Metrix has been the testing apparatus used by NFL, NHL, NBA & Nasa to test the composition of their athletes.

What is Body Composition testing about?

  • Understand current Body fat %, Lean mass and fat mass of individuals
  • Track the results of your training
  • Accurately determine nutritional requirements based on your metabolism
  • Make training and nutritional recommendations based on your results

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