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Our Dream

At Flow Athletic we dream of a future where our planet is as healthy and happy as the clients we inspire change in every day.

We believe we can not only fuel positive change in the environment through sustainable practises, but that we can be the innovators of change, inspiring our community and industry to go green too.

By saying goodbye to single use plastics, working consciously with sustainable suppliers and sourcing materials that lessen carbon emissions, we are paving the way forward in eco-conscious fitness, creating a flow on effect that will lead to a healthier, happier planet for all.

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…water will continue, but plastics won’t.

At FLOW we understand that removing plastic bottles is a big change for the community and one that will take time to adjust to. We will continue with plastic bottles up until the end of August or until all stock is depleted. During this time we will be actively encouraging you to bring your own bottle, so that when the transition occurs, you will have had a gentle reminder or two. To accomodate this transition we have invested and installed three active water fountains, each fitted especially to provide chilled water.

We will also be offering the purchase of FLOW reusable water bottles at cost so that you can refill before every class — alongside our KeepCups — for those pre and post Run Club espressos!

We want to encourage our whole FLOW family to get on board and embrace this change as a happy planet = happy future.

Shorter showers where possible would be great! Each shower at FLOW is fitted with an EcoSmart shower head which reduces CO2 and water usage naturally.  We love this system because it adds air into the flow to plump the water droplets — maintaining the shower quality without compromising the experience. However in order to have the most impact, we want to encourage you (our community) to make it a quick one where possible, even if it’s a minute less. Every drop of water counts.

…what isn’t? All recylables are divided to containers and packaging or paper and cardboard. We are now only using recycled paper for our Toilet and tissue paper as well as the minimal office paper we use.

We have set a target of 80% reduction in waste in the next financial year. From eliminating single use plastic to going virtually paper free in the office we believe we are on target to surpass this goal.

Every change we make has an impact. Start small. Invest in a reusable drink bottle or KeepCup. Set a PB for your shower time. Scoop just enough shampoo. Take only one towel. Spread the love on social. Give back where you can. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Start now









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