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The Yoga 20/30

Apr 1st - Apr 30th 2020

Stronger. Lighter. Calmer.
20 Yoga Classes in 30 Days

20 yoga classes in 30 days.

30 day yoga challenge to increase strength, improve flexibility and learn more about how to live your yoga off the mat. Because being a good person is important!

How does it work?

Attend 20 Yoga classes at Flow Athletic in 30 days — that’s 5 a week! To complement and amplify your results, we recommend that you meditate daily — either in-studio or at home.

Pop your stickers on the board so you can see your progress. You will be provided with an at-home meditation recorded by Kate Kendall.

  • Feel light, open and amazing;
  • Improve sleep;
  • Improve focus;
  • Learn more about yoga philosophy and how it’s applicable to a contemporary world.
The finer details

Each Sunday evening, our Flow Athletic Yoga team will send a slice of yogic philosophy that you can learn about and ‘live’ off the mat in your place of work, family life, love and play.

Each week there is a special yoga event exclusive for YOU, the 20/0 participant. We have some super inspiring experiences for you including:

  • Welcome Gathering with Kate Kendall
  • Mobility Workshop with Christian
  • Reiki & Rest with Jess Fenech
  • Acoustic Yin with Sarah Hill
    …and more.
The prize

Yes we have a prize for one well deserving and creative person who, over the full month, publishes the most inspiring Instagram post. More details on how to win when the challenge kicks off.


Zip. Zero. Nada. We just want you to feel good!

Opening Circle

Sunday 29th March


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