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30 Days Clean

1 Oct 2020

30 Days can change your life

30 Days Clean

As the saying goes, nothing good comes easily, right?  How ingrained are those habits of reaching for a coffee first thing and then a second when you get to work, having a couple of drinks to ‘wind down’ after a stressful day, exercising everyday but not getting the results you’re after because of poor nutrition?  How long has it been since you’ve really challenged yourself?

We have the perfect opportunity to help you ‘reset’ those habits.  There’s nothing like removing substances to reflect on their role in your life.  30 Days Clean is a holistic approach to detoxing; focusing on fitness, nutrition, yoga and a month away from caffeine and alcohol.

Here’s how it works:

30 days of no alcohol, caffeine and processed food from October 1st

  • A minimum of 3 sessions each week, following the ‘Flow Philosophy’ of 1 Yoga, 1 Strength and 1 Cardio
  • 1 Class at our Pop Up, ‘Overflow’
  • 1 Class at our soon to be released Flow Athletic on demand platform
What you’ll receive:
  • A 30 Days Clean singlet
  • A Flow After Dark live session online
  • Zoom nutrition workshop
  • Live cooking workshops with some of Australia’s best chefs
  • A sandhills session at Cronulla

The program was hugely popular when it ran from 2014 to 2017 and here’s some feedback from participants:

“New perspectives! On training, nutrition and the future, it’s been such a great experience!”
Kristy Officer

“Career wise, I have ticked so many things off my list this past month! My mind is clearer, I feel grounded and calm. Sugar cravings don’t exist but, and I think it’s only psychologically, I crave that coffee with a friend … Peppermint Tea has been a happy replacement.”
Stephanie Anna 

“Preparation is key. If you have the healthy unprocessed stuff on hand, resisting temptation is a breeze. Plus, I don’t need alcohol to sleep”
Martina Kann 

Spaces are STRICTLY LIMITED to 250 participants.
Registration is $99, Book your spot on the below link.

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