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Our specialised Reformer studio features bespoke beds.


Reformer Pilates Paddington

A 50-minute open level small group total body workout class. Expect to be guided through a warm-up into your Reformer flow sequence before hitting a peak/challenge of the class followed by a juicy nourishing stretch. These classes are low impact and progressive where you will be guided through layers on intensity yet accessible to every fitness level.

Mat Pilates

Choose between a shorter 30-minute class to complement your other class styles and training or the full 45-minute version. This low impact class is great for building muscular awareness and endurance whilst strengthening and toning at the same time. Sessions might be fully body weight or incorporate small props such as ball, hand weights etc.

Pilates 1-on-1 Private Lesson

Great for pre-hab/re-hab, pre-/post-natal, or simply to elevate your Pilates game, we also offer a Pilates Privates in our bespoke training centre downstairs. These sessions are conducted using a combination of Reformer and Cadillac, and any other small props to suit your personal goals and needs. All sessions are 45 minutes and we recommend a minimum of 10 sessions to see maximum results and benefits.

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