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Pathway to Balance Urban Retreat

22 May 2022

With Dan & Geoff from Ascending Minds

What is it?

Using ancient technologies such as Yoga, Himalayan breathwork and Kriya practices, this full day experience is designed to recalibrate and re-set your inner intelligence.

By understanding how your vision and values define your choices and create your reality, you’ll be given tools to gain clarity and make sustainable change. Through their holistic approach, Dan & Geoff raise awareness around all the key aspects of a fulfilling, happy and healthy life from optimising relationships, diet, movement, sleep, recovery, and creative expression.

Why do it?

Leaved energized and inspired with a blueprint for personal greatness with practical tools to access your flow state, manage your thoughts and be grounded in self-acceptance and clarity around where to focus your energy.


Ascending Minds are Geoff and Dan two individuals who implement and create dynamic, holistic programs for people wanting to take their practice and their lives to the next level.

Through guided, practical, and measurable integration and the combination of ancient eastern practices and techniques, with the leading edge of performance, and holistic health from the west, the powerful duos programs are ideal for any person, whose desire is to evolve, thrive and achieve the best version of themselves.

Retreat Schedule

9am– 90 Min Journey
10.30 – Break
11am – Path to Balance session 1
12.30 – Lunch
2pm – Path to Balance Session 2
3.30pm – Break
4pm – Take home practice instruction – Kriya – Breath – Mantra
4.30pm– Integration session
5.30pm – Finish




Sunday May 22, 9am-5.30pm


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