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Mental  benefits : Cultivating Stillness

We live most of our days and lives in ‘flight or flight’ mode (the parasympathetic nervous system).

In this mode our stress & cortisol levels are high and our hard working body and nervous system rarely gets any down time to repair.

Our often fast paced lifestyles of rushing, deadlines, phones, technology, stress, coffee, toxins & pollutants are some of the main culprits contributing to this.

Yin Yoga stimulates our ‘rest and digest’ mode (The sympathetic nervous system) giving our body, mind and nervous system a highly important and well deserved break.

It gives us a rare chance to relax, enabling us to rest and restore, which in turn lowers cortisol levels, stress levels, improves sleep and boosts productivity & energy.

Holding postures for up to 5 mins teaches us to find stillness in body and mind… to surrender to the pose and tune into the subtleties of our inner body.

Yin is a valuable way to learn to cultivate mindfulness, stillness and inner peace.

It’s a doorway to meditation, focusing on your breath and observing your thoughts.
We all need healthy doses of stress in our lives, but we very rarely balance this with genuine mindful rest.

In only 3 months of regular Yin practice, I have noticed an amazing shift in my inner peace, presence & resilience. My outlook has become more happy and positive, all things that took a much longer time to cultivate in my Yang Yoga practice (Hatha, Power, Vinyasa etc)

I believe Yin Yoga is the best gift you could give yourself, your body and your mind.


A beautiful gift of self love, compassion.
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