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If you’re waking up at this time of the year and the first thing that pops into your mind is, “Are we there yet?”, here are some hot tips for you to get through and even enjoy the crazy time of year. 

Get Connected.
Spend five minutes at the start of your day breathing deeply. Notice the natural pause at the top of your inhalation and at the base of your exhalation. This will hep you get grounded and better able to cope with the day ahead and any of the frenetic energy that comes your way.

Stay Inspired.
Often this time of the year it’s all about just pushing through. Instead, keep yourself mentally engaged by reading a great book recommended by a friend, learn something new or plan fun activities throughout the week that inspire you.

Plan a Sweat Date.
If you have a zillion people to catch up with for Christmas, instead of making them dinner or drink dates – which can  leave you tired and moody, why not plan ‘walk dates’ or sweat dates. I LOVE these at the moment. Not only do you get your steps up but you tend to have real conversations without the distraction of bars and crowds.

Cheers for Cheers.
If you’re in an industry where alcohol is simply unavoidable at this time of year, my tip for getting through that is drink to savour and appreciate as opposed to skulking PLUS having two glasses of water for every one glass of wine, spirit or beer. You’ll stay hydrated, alert and avoid embarrassing Christmas party mistakes.

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