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Yin Yoga – Physical Benefits by Jacqui Hicks

I just returned from my week long Advanced Yin Yoga teacher training course and retreat.I can honestly say I’ve never felt so rested, restored, balanced and at peace in my whole life!

Now where do I begin with the benefits of yin yoga because there are so many!

Let me break down all the amazing benefits starting with…

This week I’ll give you the physical benefits:

– Yin Yoga stretches are done in a slow, supported way to gently stress our joints and fascia which is like a body suit of connective tissue throughout our muscled, joints, ligaments& tendons.

– Our fascia is an important part of our system as it allows the the movement of muscles and joints and enables them to glide and slide over each other with ease.
This fascia only gets restored and rehydrated with the slow approach of Yin yoga.
– In our modern lifestyle  (lots of sitting at a desks or computers with little movement) this fascia can begin to dry out and lose its elastic quality.
The extreme of this is fascial fixation and joints or muscles seizing up.
No other exercise or method gets into this fascia in the way Yin does by gently stretching and stressing it to the fascia then flushing it with fresh hydration and essential nutrients.

– In a pose our muscles switch off around 2 mins. Then the magic happens and our fascia takes up the stretch. In

 this time the fascia pushes out its water content, then post stretch the water returns slowly to the fascia full of nutrients.Tune in next week for more of the juicy benefits if Yin Yoga from Jac or better yet, catch her Yin class of a Thursday night. BOOK HERE

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