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Meet Your Trainer – Lenka Zelezna

Tell us what you were doing before flow and fitness?
It all started when I was about 3 and my parents took me skiing. I continued by doing all kinds of sports, studied University of Sports, have been working in gyms since I was 17 years old and now here I am -> loving everything about Flow Athletic!

In three sentences, tell us about your upbringing.
I grew up with my parents and older brother (by seven years) in the 2nd biggest city in Czech – probably more like a village to Sydney people because we’ve got only 500 thousand people living there LOL.

I loved to play outside every afternoon after school with all the kids from our block of flats – amazing times, it’s all in the past but I will never forget it.

I did almost every sport when growing up which I would recommend to everybody because it keeps you fit and avoids injuries when aging…of course, we have to keep doing it.

Biggest achievement so far?
Coming to Australia and doing what I planned to do – work in the fitness industry. It was an amazing achievement.

How do you do ‘downtime’?
I love to go to a quiet place like National Parks and listen to the sounds of nature .

Favourite way to sweat?
Anything with a good atmosphere. Playing squash with a good buddy or spinning to great music.

What’s the most played track on your iPod right now?
Requiem for a Tower Movement II – with full orchestra and Step by Step by Whitney Houston => both just getting stronger and stronger each second. But nothing beats Michael Jackson.

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