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5 reasons women need to weight train

Women often shy away from weight training as they fear they will gain muscle or ‘bulk up’, opting for lower impact or body weight forms of strength training like pilates and yoga. These are both great, but women shouldn’t be afraid of weights. Here are 5 reasons why you should include some weight training in your week:

  1. Weight Training is the most effective way to burn fat! That’s right, weight training causes a type of metabolic stress on the body that burns calories for up 48 hours after a session increasing your ability to burn fat!
  2. Weight Training is essential for healthy strong bones and preventing Osteoporosis. Putting the body under the light stress of added weights to resist against can encourage the production of bone building cells 
  3. Weight Training can boost your performance in other activities like running and spinning – making your work outs more effective and helping to prevent injury 
  4. Weight Training for women can add shape and tone to your body but is very unlikely to make you “bulk up”. Women don’t have enough testosterone to get bulky but some added strength work can help you build a few more curves… who doesn’t want a perky butt? 
  5. Weight Training can improve your posture, your sleep patterns and your mood. 

Want to get started with weight training but not sure how? Join our strength coach and legend of a PT — Sally — for her small group training sessions at FTC: Ladies who Lift. Email for details. 


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