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Why less in more with HIIT training

How HIIT could be making you fat.

High Intensity Interval Training has been a massive buzz in the fitness industry over the last 5 years and with good reason – HIIT training works! The short bursts of high intensity followed by periods of rests allows you to burn fat by working at higher effort outputs and demanding more oxygen and burning more calories. HIIT Training allows you maximize Fat loss in shorter periods of time.

But how much is too much of a good thing?

The recommendations for HIIT training session are 2 -3 sessions a week maximum. The exercise in HIIT training is much more intense and has a bigger impact on your body, needing more time to recover from between session. Think of HIIT training as high stress training on your body, joints and tissues – a little bit can create a change but too much can result in injuries from over training.  Over training with too much high stress exercise can derail your fat loss efforts as well, putting your body under stress all the time doesn’t allow it to lose body fat, it needs a balance of stress and recovery for the best results

That’s why at Flow Athletic we believe in the Flow Philosophy – balancing your training sessions between Cardio or HIIT sessions, strength like PT, IRN, Barre and Pilates Reformer and Yoga to rebalance your body and reduce the stress impact of your training. We want to build long lasting results for our clients to keep you part of our community and living at your best – not just smashing you for short term wins.

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