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Do you ‘Flow Philosophy’?

The balanced and complete training method.  

There used to be this guy who’d come to my Yoga classes in North Bondi on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. He’d pay his fee quietly and then would set himself up in the same spot each session. Not until he asked me if I’d do some private lessons with him to keep his mobility in check before an ultra marathon, did I really even hear him speak more than two sentences. “Sure.” He didn’t seem creepy or ill intentioned so I started going to his apartment. It was here that this now ten year friendship between myself and Ben Lucas began. 

We’d talk about my yoga training and the work I was doing, our learnings and workshops we each were doing as well as his businesses on the north side. It wasn’t until I was having a slight confrontation with one of the studio owners I worked at that he asked, “Why don’t you have your own studio?” 

“Not enough experience. Not ready. Don’t have the funds.” These were the standard, fear based (and boring) responses I’d give.  His come back was “You’re never going to have enough experience, you’ll never be ready and you may never have the funds.” Touché, Ben Lucas. 

And here the conversation began. Flow Athletic started to take shape in our imaginations. 

Meanwhile, Benny started giving me personal training sessions. I noticed my asana practice was feeling stronger as a result and his recovery was fast tracked by my yoga sessions. ‘Flow Athletic’ started to change its tone as a result. It went from being a stand alone yoga studio to one that instilled yogic values like the importance off community and being of service within a gym-like setting. 

There was no where we’d visited that offered the mind body practices of yoga with fitness and strength training whilst in a friendly, warm and boutique based studio. We took a research trip to LA  (which resulted in KK having a bad case of jet lag and the snores each time we lay back into savasana in some sunny LA studio. Handfuls of gyms and studio visits as well as a quick, be-rude-not-to, pit stop at Chateau Marmont) later, we flying back to Sydney totally inspired by this new concept. But most of all, we’re hell bent on creating ‘community’. It was crystal clear in each of our visions that we wanted to create a community in which people felt ‘a part’ of something.  

Fast forward ten years (let’s whiz through all the face-plant experience, big learnings, ‘aha’ moments sleepless nights, the appearance of fine lines and crazy days) and we’re still true to those values. Our Flow Philosophy is not only encouraged but practiced to round out the health and wellness goals of many.  

What is the Flow Philosophy?

One strength, for one fitness, for one yoga class. 


To be the brightest and fittest versions of ourselves we balance out the strength and fitness training with the recovery and mind body benefits of yoga and other yogic practices. 

Does it work?

So far. Yes. But the real magic lies not in the fitness or mind body training, it’s in the person to person connection; the community; what each person brings with them as they walk up the stairs. That’s what makes Flow Athletic. 

Inspired by friendship, tested for real, we live, love and breathe our Flow Philosophy.  

Do you Flow Philosophy? We’d love to know your experience with the Flow Philosophy and even if you don’t follow it, hit us up. We’d love your feedback on why. Email


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