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Vedic Meditation – the technique for those who cant meditate

A down to earth, oh-so-real approach to meditation with Flow 5 guest facilitator, Janoah Van Kekem

Ok so we’ve all by now heard how amazing meditation can be but one of the most common responses I still get from people who have attempted is ‘I can’t Meditate’ or for those that haven’t even tried yet ‘I like drinking and coffee too much’ or ‘I am too busy’ these responses are due to not understanding the different techniques and not having found the right one! There are so many out there that have quite different results.

After experimenting and researching I found this Mantra based technique which is now also one of the most common.  It is based on ancient knowledge but was created for people like ‘us’ living modern day, busy lives.  A lot of the guided techniques out there are great for dipping your toe in the water and for relaxation.  But if you are interested in really getting some profound results, from research and personal experience this is the most efficient and effective.


Because it only takes 15-20 mins and can be done almost anywhere (car, bus, park bench, meeting room…get creative) and science indicates it directly impacts the nervous system and physiology of the body.

We are all pretty interested in how we look physically.  How our body looks physically and responds to exercise and what we eat is hugely dependent on how our brain and nervous system is functioning, not to mention our choices on what we actually put into our body for going Netflix over exercise (i.e. addictive/destructive behaviours related to stress) this is what this meditation technique focuses on; creating a foundation for a healthy life.

Imagine if you could be given a simple exercise that you could do simply sitting comfortably, almost anywhere for just 15-20 minutes that would make you fitter, stronger and lose weight, we’d be all over it! That is what this meditation does for the brain and nervous system in terms of reducing stress, anxiety, fatigue and increasing your creativity, clarity and productivity.

While one of the most profound things you can practice for yourself it is also one of the most misunderstood and surrounded by some not so attractive stigma … Lets bust a few of these myths:
If you meditate you….
– cant drink alcohol
– cant drink coffee
– cant eat meat
– shouldn’t have sex
– need to be able to clear your mind (almost impossible and thoughts are actually part of the process)
– need to able to sit still for long periods of time (if your nose is itchy…scratch it)
– need to do it for as long as you can (longer is not necessarily better)
– need to have certain religious beliefs (irrelevant)

This technique is not about forgoing the things you enjoy.  It is about giving yourself the opportunity to have a better experience of whatever it is you are doing.

You also won’t lose your edge and become all airy fairy or a hippie. Not that there is anything wrong with hippies.

For more information on this technique or to sign up to a free intro talk you can visit or follow @janoahvankekem OR sign up to Flow 5 for access to his exclusive pre-challenge workshop THIS WEEK. Register here.

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