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Power Up Your Practice

Advance your practice with these tips for when you want to go next level – by Kate Kendall

I know that so many of you are eager yoga participants and want to go ‘next level’. This is exciting but sometimes frustrating as not all classes are progressive or the ones that are don’t quite fit into your schedule. So…

Here are some tips you can take into your next class to power up your practice, get you feeling stronger and advancing the way you approach the asana with sensitivity, care and in a totally sustainable way (I want you all to be practicing yoga with me in that yoga room when we’re old and wrinkly!)

Longer Holds. 
The most advanced practices (and strongest) that I’ve been to with master teachers across the globe – aren’t necessarily the ones that fit tonnes of fancy postures in but rather they include less but with longer holds. I dare you to hold Warrior I, II or III for 90 seconds. It’s tough! And a sure way to strengthen and sculpt your legs. You could also hold any of the arm balances and inversions for a little longer. It’s the small things that gradually make a huge difference.

The Unexpected Chaturanga
When flowing in the connecting vinyasa of high plank to chaturanga (low plank) to updog and then down dog, why not add an extra chaturanga so it goes: high plank to chaturanga (low plank) to updog, back to chaturanga and then down dog. Boom. Hello shoulders. Great way to strengthen shoulders and arms and get you fully prepped for inversion practice.

Remember that the overall goal isn’t to land the perfect forearm balance or get into the craziness looking posture – perfect for Instagram – no all here at Flow Athletic are wayyyy more evolved than that, right? We practice to make space mentally and physically and to feel good. We practice because it effects everyone and the ultimate ‘peak pose’ has traditionally been meditation. Yogis all those years ago created a system of asanas to prepare the body for a seated meditation. Crazy, I know. SO the most advanced yogi is the one who practices presence both on and off the mat. And I really believe that the most advanced thing you can do if you want to power up your practice is spend a little more time in meditation.

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