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What do you get when you cross 12 Flow Athletes with ten kilometres of mud?

A lot of laughs and wicked workout.

Last Saturday, I managed to coax 12 Flow Athletes into doing The Stampede army obstacle course.
Saturday morning we car pooled from Paddington to Glenworth Valley, Central Coast, and prepared ourselves for ten kilometres of army inspired obstacles, including mud pools, ice baths, rope climbs and electric wires…Yeah we all paid to get ourselves electrocuted.

Why did I talk everyone into doing this?

Because I believed we all could and because I knew it would be a riot and a laugh. And it was.

Highlight: Ben head to toe in mud like a swamp monster with only eye balls and teeth showing.

Thanks for trusting the insanity of it all and for coming out the other end unscathed (but dirty) and busting through some mega physical and mental barriers.

The following legends were my team:  Ben Lucas, Corin Dimopoulos, Rachel & Tim Saffron, Mike Southwell, John Reynolds, Claus Stangl, Jess Fenech, Maddy Dwyer, Susanna Graham, Lani Hoskins & Nathan Harrod  I’m already planning our next adventure so stay tuned.



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