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Pause for Productivity

Why pausing could be the most productive thing you’ll do all day and three ways to live it. By Kate Kendall

Does the idea of stopping to rest or stand still make you nervy?  

After all, you have so much to do, so much to achieve and many tasks at hand.

Lean in. Listen close. What if the ‘Pause’ was the most productive thing you’ll do all day?

What if stopping meant YOU catching right up.

What if the pause magically re-arranged your mind from chaos to calm.

Because it can.

I know the days when I run at a slower pace and take time to pause, somehow I fit everything in and feel way more productive. When I teach a yoga sequence at a slower pace, not intent to fit every posture under the sun in – I teach from a more calm and intuitive space and manage to leave just enough time for a long savasana – which, in my opinion, is one of the most productive postures (and it’s done in stillness!).

Experience shows that high levels of productivity leads to greater fulfilment; that thing that, deep down, we’re all yearning for.

Here are three ways to Pause wherever you are, right now:

One Conscious Breath: Take a generous but gentle breath in and retain it for three seconds noticing this soft, silent and still place held in the body before slowly exhaling.

Ground: Wherever you are, stop to notice the parts of you in contact with the earth. Be it the feet if standing or, if seated, you feet and sit bones touching the floor or chair. Imagine yourself sinking an inch below as if gravity is gently pressing you down. Stay and breath gentle for 1 min.

Get Curious: Stop whatever task you’re doing – especially if you feel yourself over worked, over whelmed or caught in a mad rush of God-Knows-What – and take a moment to look around. Notice where you are, who’s around? Notice the temperature of your skin and the quality of your breath. It’s like you just stop to acknowledge your presence in this moment and let yourself, thoughts included, catch up.

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