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Nutrition, POSE workshops & all the latest Run Club updates

The Sofa2Surf program is well under way heading in to week three of our 12 week program specifically programmed for City2Surf on 11th August 2019.

Saturday 8th June: POSE running workshop with Sally Lynch

POSE Method teaches us to run using gravity to pull us forward, rather than relying on muscular contraction to push us along. It taps into our body’s plyometric (spring-like) ability to absorb and return energy, which means less effort, less impact and greater efficiency.
Sally in one of Australia’s top (POSE) coaches as well as an accomplished athlete from 5km to Ultra Distance. POSE Method will help you run lighter and further, recycling up to 33% of the energy in each stride and minimising ground impact forces to stay injury free.
This workshop will be fun, informal and useful to those from a newbie just starting out to accomplished athletes looking to reinforce or freshen up their technique and all those in between.

Monday 17th June: Fuelled to Run — Nutrition for Runners seminar with Peta Caridge

A qualified Sports Dietitian and APD, Peta Carige is regarded as one of the top sports dieticians in Sydney. After graduating with a duel degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and a Bachelor of Science, Peta went on to work in hospitals in clinical positions. From there, she has gone on to catch the attention of top sporting teams around Australia – with Peta booked by everyone from Australian Rugby to Touch Football Australia.
Run Club is still open to all members, so if you’re looking to start running, or simply after a great way to make new friends, stay fit and motivated through winter, then join our running community TODAY!
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