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5 Week PT Challenge Winners

The winners of the 5 week PT Challenge are in. A massive congratulations to over a hundred of our Flow Athletic members for completing the Challenge, we have been inspired by your committed and determination and the results are impressive but we could only pick 2 winners and they are:


James Dorney
Weight Lost: 6.5kg
Skeletal Muscle Mass increased: 1.4kg
Body Fat Percentage Lost: 7.5%
Total body transformational relevant lost: 31%


Jane O’Neil

Weight Lost:  1.8kg
Skeletal Muscle Mass increased: 1.8kg
Body Fat Percentage Lost: Lost 7.2%
Total body transformational relevant lost: 25%

We would also like to give an honourable mention and  a big shout out to Flow Athletic member Jo Tait who did her 200th yoga session today since September!

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