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New Yoga Classes: Q&A

If you read my last post, you would have noticed the yoga timetable and classes are getting a make over as of Monday. And, as a team, it’s hard to contain our excitement! We CAN NOT wait for you to experience these new classes.  

As we go over and refine the special features for each class and put on the finishing touches to sequences, I thought it might be useful to add a little Q&A that I hope answer any of your questions. 

1. What if I’ve never done yoga before? 

Firstly — great. We get a kick out of introducing people to this wonderful practice and all of its benefits. Because we’ve removed the Fundamentals classes, we recommend you attend either a FloMo 30 minute class on either a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, Yin classes that are scattered across the schedule and then a Flow class. And we definitely recommend you book in for the first of the complimentary Fundamentals Workshops which will be held with Amy G on Saturday Feb 22, 1.30-3.30pm. You can book for that here.

2. I love your Flow classes just the way they were. What classes should I attend moving forward if I like this style? 

Flow Athletic is replaced with ‘Dynamic Flow’ and Flow Release replaced with ‘Flow’.

3. I just want to be more mobile. I don’t need flow or anything fancy. What classes do I take? 

Your go to is FloMo and Yin. You’ll mobilise, stretch out and get the body feeling right in no time. FloMo Prime is a great class to take to get your body ‘primed’ for other classes including strength and fitness. We can’t wait for you to try this out and let us know what you think.  

4. So besides the name changes, what else should we expect to change in these new flowing classes?

Rest assured you’ll still get the full body workout and opening with the same pace but each of the new classes have a ‘special feature’. Based on your feedback, and being busy peeps, we’ve learnt that you like to see results and although yoga isn’t a ‘competition’ nor should you be pushing yourself (we leave that to the other rooms) we understand how it feels to want to progress and see physical results which ultimately in yoga also lead to an improved overall feeling of wellness. So in Dynamic Flow there will be a monthly Peak Pose that your highly skilled and passionate teachers lead you towards as the weeks progress. And in Flow there will be a key Indicator Pose that is practiced both in the beginning as well as circled back to at the end of class so you can immediately feel and enjoy the results of the practice in both that moment of comparison and for days after. 

5. Will there be some new faces?

 Yep. We’ve got our friend Jacqueline Lastra coming to fill some spots whilst Joao is in Bali for a few months plus she’ll be leading the new Yin class of a Friday evening and a few Saturday morning classes. Some of you have taken classes that she’s covered and we’ve had feedback from you that you ‘loved!’. You’ll also see Mark Moon (more commonly seen leading Spin classes) of a Thursday morning in the FloMo Prime and FloMo classes. He brings that useful and practical knowledge of movement patterns from fitness and strength into the yoga room. You may not have known that he’s a qualified Yoga Teacher and has been leading classes in other places for some time now. 

6. I see that Meditation has been removed from some of the usual time slots. 

Yep. We took the classes that had lower attendance in them and instead expect to experience meditation breath work and other yoga super supplements built into the classes instead. 

If you have any more questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to email me

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