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New Yoga Classes for 2020

It’s with much excitement, Flow Athletes, that I get to tell you something we’ve been working on behind the scenes whilst you’ve been busy sweating your asanas away in class.  

The yoga and fitness teams have been putting their heads together to come up with some brand spankin’ new yoga classes that will inspire you to rethink, re-energise and reprioritise your training and practice plans and to really live and breathe our Flow Philosophy which is the DNA of this community.  

You’ve spoken, we’ve listened to your feedback and we’ve combined this with the latest research to go next level…before anyone else. Come 3 February, you’ll notice some changes to the yoga timetable in the form of classes and names. Expect the same awesome flow classes for all you asana addicts but with some new special features and new names.

These are the classes you attend to not only improve flexibility, strength and mental resilience but learn a little more about how you can apply the benefits of yoga and its healing abilities to both your mind and body as well as how to use these benefits off the mat to feel better and be more present, productive and on point! Yoga is medicine, people and it’s not by chance that high powered CEO’s, professional athletes and mindful mega-stars are turning to the principles of yoga and meditation to enhance their performance. Get onboard.  

For those of you who hit the strength and fitness room hard but barely glance at the yoga room, we have some wicked new functional mobility and activation classes that are specifically designed to help you recover faster and feel amazing so that you’re more productive and energised in your athletic pursuits. You’ll want to try these. 

Below are descriptions but the proof is in the pudding. Come Feb 3, we’ll see you on the mat.  


A slow-flowing class that gently builds heat in its beginning stages but that moves into more grounding and calming postures with longer holds towards it’s close to melt away all that unnecessary tension. You’ll experience breath work of all kinds, meditation and other yoga super-supplements prescribed and practiced depending on time of day. Expect to feel calm and grounded.

Special Feature: Key Indicator pose. Each class has a ‘before and after’ posture that allows you to measure results after just one session.


A challenging class for those who want to take their flexibility, strength and practice to the next level. Experience a focus on calm breathing whilst moving into the physically challenging peak pose of the month created to help you progress as the weeks evolve. Expect to feel strong, focused and alive with complimentary breath work and other yoga super-supplements to boost your practice. 

Special Feature: Peak pose and its weekly progressions

And then the two Functional classes are as such: 


A mobility session designed to prime the body for strength and fitness classes. Using simple, everyday movements as well as some challenging movement patterns, you’ll activate key muscles and warm the body in just the right way. Expect to sweat a little (or a lot).


A mobility session designed to release muscular tension and increase overall functional range of movement. Whilst Prime prepares the body, FloMo combines yoga poses and mobility drills, perfect as a stand-alone training or as a recovery protocol to strength and fitness classes. Expect to rediscover the benefits of functional full body movement and stay fit-for-game in everything else that you do. 


Remains as is (because you can’t mess with perfection) but we’ll be adding more of it!

What about Fundamentals? 

Given the average attendance to Fundamentals classes, we have removed it from the schedule for now and are encouraging newbies to attend ‘Flow’ or ‘FloMo’ classes. However, we’ll be offering complimentary Beginner Yoga workshops so that those who want to dive-deep into a safe and sustainable practice can do so. Watch out for these.  

We’ll have the usual Yoga 20/30 Challenge in April as well as other soul expanding workshops and experiences to shake things up. Remember, athletes, whatever you do in life — yoga makes you better at it. 

Namaste legends, 


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