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Top Tips for New Members (and established!)

6 Tips for new Flow Athletes by Owen Browne

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Member Benefits: As a Flow Athlete you have many exclusive discounts to make the most of. Here they are, people…make the most!
25% OFF treatments at Aveda*
10% OFF floats at Flow Revive
Discounts on Flow challenges and events including Night Club Spin and Flow After Dark. (exact amount specified event by event)
As a new member at Flow you are entitled to a complementary New Member Enrolment Session where you can discuss your fitness goals, nutrition and class selection with one of our experienced trainers. If you are yet to book this session or if your a current member looking to mix things up please speak to our reception team.

Plan Your Workouts – I cannot stress enough the importance of making plans to reach your goals, and its true for fitness goals too. Workout how many times you can realistically get to a class each week, and plan ahead which days you can go.
It may take a few weeks for it to stick but once it does you will reap the benefits.

Find A Class You Love – At Flow Athletic there are over 100 classes per week across our yoga, strength and cycle studios for you to choose from. Take some time to explore the many options we have. Whether its Met Con 1, Bike Fast or Fundamentals there’s sure to be something that makes you feel great or a trainer you find especially encouraging.

Reward Yourself – We all have off days, so when you find yourself making excuses not to get to the studio find something you can look forward to after your workout. This could be a smoothie on the way home or a big coffee after a 5.30am class. Tell yourself you can’t have it unless you go .Try to keep it somewhat healthy.

Don’t Over Do It – Everyone has their limits, and as a new member you’ll need to find yours. Give yourself rest days as you need them, and take the time to work up to lifting heavier weights, running longer distance or doing two classes back to back. You can always make progress doing more but injuring yourself will only set you back.

Conquer The Kitchen – Working out and healthy eating go hand in hand. The trick is to create a sustainable plan without cutting out something you love all together. Work on limiting certain foods or plan healthy meals to help you make the most of your plan.

Happy Training Athletes, O.B out.

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