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Meet Your Yogi – Rebecca Lockyer

Life before Flow: 

I was a full time Pilates instructor in Reformer and Mat Pilates for three years. Before that I was a professional dancer overseas for Tokyo Disney Resort, Princess Cruises and Venetian Casino.

What led you to joining the team?

I saw Kate speak at a Lululemon function and thought her story was awesome. Luckily we had a mutual friend who introduced us and then I became a part of the yoga team 🙂

What do you enjoy most about your career?

There are SO many things I love!! I love when the students ‘feel it’ in class. I love the freedom, I love having a physical practice as a career.

Proudest moment to date with Flow?

Teaching my first Flow Barre workshop was a great moment. But I think it’s just the day to day being around the amazing team and members that does it. I love the community.

Future at Flow?

Yes? Who knows where the future will take us, but I definitely want to be on the Flow Train in a big way…!! 🙂

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