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Lean in. Come close. I’ve got something to tell you.

The secret to reaching all of your goals, aspirations and dreams is…feeling good.

It’s not about filling your week up with tasks and it’s not about being busy because you think you’re slacking off if you’re not.

The more you can create a state of ‘positivity’  and ‘joy’ and the more ease you can create – the quicker you’ll get to your desired destination.

Here’s the thing, there’s no point struggling, gritting your teeth and hustling your butt off if it’s going to make you feel tired, sick and flat all the time.

The universe is a pretty straight up kinda kid. If you feel good – she’ll give you more of it.

If you feel low, you’ll stay low. Tell her exactly what you want, be direct, send it to her with gratitude and authentic intention and she’ll give it you. One thing she’s not is stingy.

Once you’ve placed your order, your next move in this awesome game is to throw yourself into whatever it is you want, wholeheartedly, and with a big smile on your face (Remember – the point is to feel good).

Choose what you love and give it your all. Open your eyes fully to the opportunities in every day. They’re the Universes’ way of knocking on your door to say “Hello, I have your delivery.” It’s up to you whether you choose to pretend you’re out or open the door and fling your arms around her.

How much do you want it?

You all know it. This is just a reminder.

No more excuses about being busy. About being sick. About being tired.

Create space for the things you want to do.

Create space for your health.

Create space to surround yourself with the things and people that make you feel happy.

Create the space to slow down and drink it all in.

Create ease.

Create space for you.





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