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Inspired Leaders: Yoga Teacher Training

Curious at all about what you get out of yoga teacher training besides being able to nail your favourite poses? Kate Kendall gives you the gold nuggets from her own carefully curated YTT that may just get you that promotion you’ve been after.

There are literally hundreds of Yoga Teacher Trainings just in Sydney alone. So how do you know that my own yoga teacher training is right for you? I don’t. In fact, Inspired Leaders may not be the right course for you. 

But I do know that in March 2020 when we kick off our next intake of ‘Inspired Leaders’, I’ll have around me a group of people from all walks, ages and backgrounds; a group who are total yoga nuts and hungry to learn more; humans who want to feel more motivated and inspired more often.

I always say that Inspired Leaders takes whatever you do in life — CEO, surgeon, nurse, nanny — and makes you better at it. Because…

Purpose and passion is what we’re all about.

Yes we learn about the postures and all their benefits and how to apply them as if they were medicine. Yes we learn of yoga’s rich and interesting history as well as the philosophies from various schools. Yes we practice lots…lots more than you probably do currently. But more than all of this we start getting serious about finding and articulating what it is that drives you, turns you on and what it is you want to share with others. 

Whether you’re writing a paper, playing a game of tennis, researching to gather info for a big pitch or getting ready to a job interview, yoga makes you better at it by cultivating calm, experiencing a deeper sense of connection to others and an ability to see the bigger picture.

This isn’t a course for the ‘broken’ (although profound healing can happen). And this isn’t a course for those who have zero direction in life (although clarity is something that’s almost guaranteed with this much yoga practice, discussions and ‘aha’ moments) and it’s certainly not for anyone who wants to get tighter abs and longer, lean muscles (although I can’t promise you won’t get stronger and feel better). 

It’s for you, the one who wants to live more aligned to your values.

The you that wants to show up fully in whatever it is you do. 

It’s for the curious, the sometimes crazy person inside of you who just wants to lean into life. 

Big love,

P.S. Send me an email at to enquire about doing YTT with myself, Maryanne and Simon.


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