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Core Workout for Runners

By Camilla Bazley

A five-kilometer run can sometimes feel like a marathon, right? 800m in and your hips are pinching. 1000m along and the calves start to talk to you, or should I say scream. 3km in and you feeling like you’re the Hunchback Of Notredame or your running like you have a pole as a spine. The lower back is aching, and that 5km run just turned in to the most painful and tedious 40 minutes of your life…
Does this sound like you? If so, keep reading!

One of the most valuable lessons I have learnt through my own personal running journey…
“You run on your legs, not with your legs.”

Sounds strange, right? But quite often runners think the way to get better at running is to either A) only run, or B) only do strength training for the legs. If you are serious about injury prevention, feeling strong and pain free when you run, and looking to improve your overall performance whilst pounding the pavement during your next Sunday Fun Run, then incorporating a specific core program in to your weekly training schedule should be a non-negotiable. Not to mention you can get a killer set of abs in the process! The more effectively you condition your body, the more efficiently you will be running.

Try this core and abdominal workout to implement in to your weekly training schedule, and feel yourself becoming stronger, faster, and less fatigued.

  • Bicycle crunch x 20
  • High plank, knee tuck flow x 5
  • Side plank x 30 seconds each side
  • Over head weighted Straight leg raises x 10
  • Fit ball roll outs x 10
  • Alternating Dead Bugs x 10 

Complete five rounds.


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