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Yoga & Fitness Preparation


Come hydrated and ready to learn something new about your body today. It’s normal to feel strange and unfamiliar in your first few classes. Like any of our fitness pillars, Yoga is a practice. If you’re taking a hot class, bring a towel and before any of the classes it’s advised you don’t eat a main meal 1 hr prior. BYO mat or use one of ours! Enjoy yourself, relax and don’t take it too seriously.


Grab a water bottle, towel, rock star attitude & jump on a bike. If you’re unfamiliar with setting up your bike, get to the session early so someone from our Team can educate you on the most comfortable and sustainable ride possible.


The equipment you use each week is different depending on the work out of the week. How to use them and the type of movements associated with each will be demonstrated by your instructor as you move into the work out. The STRENGTH – Strong classes are generally slower in pace and excellent for beginners whereas the STRENGTH – Dynamic classes are suited to those who want to step it up a little. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or request help throughout the session – our trainers are here to help you and help you get the best workout possible. Bring into the class a sweat towel and water.


Flow X sessions are done away from the studio in Centennial Park. Depending on the day your session will be a mix of cardio, strength and conditioning training.


Because we want to take the best possible care of you and get you the best possible results, you will have an initial consolation that is constructed to understand what results you want to get out of your personal training as well as an understanding of any present or past injuries. Your sessions will build in intensity as you start to move with function. It’s from here that we can add speed, load and power.

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