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The Top 5 Excuses for Not Training…that we’ve heard before. Really.

Rich Ivanov has been a trainer at Flow Athletic for nearly three years and ten years in total. That means he’s heard all the excuses under the sun. These are just a few of them…so heads up…you’d better get original if you’re going to get past him.


1) Alarm didn’t go off.

An oldie but a real goodie. And used way too often. Hmmmm hard to believe these days with latest iPhones and Galaxies right? Those phone are pretty much indestructible and should survive the nuclear attack but rightooooo “alarm DID NOTTTTTT GO OFF”.

2) I forgot we were training.

Really. I mean really. I send reminder on Mondays. Our booking system sends the reminder. It’s literally IMPOSSIBLE TO forget :-))))))

3) Car didn’t start.

Ok there is walking, bus, uber, bike, horse (if you are lucky), skateboard, taxi. Did I miss anything? Oh maybe unicorns.

4) I lost track of time.

You ran into a friend; you just had to watch the last of that Netflix series you’re wrapped up in; your coffee guy took way too long…I’ve heard all of these. Not even joking.

5) My pet knocked the vase off and broke it. I had to clean it.

My latest favourite.Richie is available not only for training but for sifting through your life admin, calling you on your stuff and keeping it real 😉
Happy training, athletes!

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