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Talk About a Transformation

Mat Sava –  A Flow Athlete and body transformation extraordinaire.

Earlier this year at our Flow 5th Bday we awarded a number of member certificates to Flow Athletes who are living and breathing the Flow Philosophy and mindfully making a difference to the way they live. A true inspiration to all. This guy is an absolute example of what can happen with the right mindset, diet tweaks and heart felt goal to make his quality of life better.

Mat Sava was an international business executive for some of the world’s best names in apparel. Stressed, over worked and low on energy, Mat knew he had to make some big life changes before the situation got out of hand.


We asked Mat some questions in the hope of inspiring YOU. I think you may resonate.

Matty, what are the objective results you have achieved?

I’m 21 kgs down and my body fat has dropped from 21% to 9%.

What time frame did it take for you to achieve these numbers?

All up, it was about 6 months.

So how did you get such a great result in such a short amount of time?

I removed processed foods and sugars from my diet as well as increased the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables I was eating. I also reduced the amount of dairy and red meat I was eating and cut right down on alcohol. 

And what have you been doing exercise-wise?

I have been training at Flow Athletic, of course! I love it here. I have been training with my personal trainer Richie Ivanov twice a week. Richie pushes me hard and the increase in strength I have seen is amazing. Outside of my PT sessions, I like to follow the Flow Philosophy of 1 yoga class, 1 strength class and a spin class per week.

What changes have these results made to your life?

I look and feel better. My self confidence has increased, I can think clearer and I have unlimited energy.

So…what is next?

To maintain what I have done long-term back in the corporate world and to keep increasing my strength. Mat Sava 2.0!




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