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Member of the Month: Rose Kanan

Meet the wonderful, Rose Kanan who is our Flow Athletic Member of the Month. 

It’s been a quite the story of inspiration and transformation both in body and mind.

Working in an extremely high pressure and demanding job, towards the end of last year a decision was made to give back more to her own health and well being, working towards a more healthy work life/balance. 

Rosemary has gone from being someone who had NEVER done much weight training to someone who her trainer, Matt Best considers to be a real athlete; “We now consistently work on progressive and often very challenging exercises and sequences. What defines her as a real athlete to me is in her attitude, mindset and application. Her  confidence in training has gone through the roof. It’s just so empowering feeling connected and strong in your body. It’s just so important that we don’t feel guilty investing in ourselves. I believe it will enhance pretty much all aspects of your life.” 

Rosemary recently got married in the serenity of Tuscany and in the lead up to the wedding she was able to drop nearly 10% in body fat, while gaining and then crucially preserving her lean muscle.

This is an extremely hard combination to achieve. It was her amazing hard work, application and dedication that ensured the desired results were achieved. 

She really has become an embodiment of the things we love at Flow with the many benefits training brings to peoples lives.

She now regularly attends and loves her Spin having never done it before and attends a range of Flow Classes along with her PT sessions. She always bounces up the flow stairs with a big smile!

Offer her a high five next time you see her at Flow!

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