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‘Listen’ by Maryanne Edwards

We listen to understand.

At least that’s the main purpose of listening, how often do you find yourself listening to respond? Only paying attention long enough to decipher the appropriate reaction.

It’s actually been shown that we retain about 20% of what we hear. Not super promising although as yogis we know well it’s not just through our ears that we listen. 
In fact the sanskrit word for the heart centre is Anahata meaning ‘the unstruck sound’.
If you agree with the statement of artist Paul Gauguin “I shut my eyes in order to see”, we could very well add to it “I get quiet in order to hear”.

I find that sometimes it’s necessary to actually get still AND quiet in order to hear. 

Listening is itself a yin aspect. It’s the receptive side of communication. Information, be it words or sensations or insight, is being transmitted to us continuously as the yang aspect of this exchange.

As we soften into open awareness, relax into our body, no agenda, we literally make space for receiving that flow of life.

I’m often fascinated by the way an interaction between 2 people can have several conversations take place at once; the words being spoken, the one in our head that’s narrating and the body dialogue.

As you find yourself in conversation this week OR on the mat in conversation with yourself can you practice full body listening? Softening the ears and tuning into your natural receptiveness, you’ll find that instinct to do or respond come up for sure and you’ll see if noticing it you can relax a little, offer the moment more space, time and or quiet.

Report back yogis.


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