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Get ready for race day

The Sofa2Surf program is well under way, and we are just over a month out from the worlds largest fun run, the City2Surf. This race stops our nation, and has been listed on the top 10 races globally for professional runners in terms of the courses level of difficulty. Needless to say, our Flow Run Club has been putting in the work, and will be all set to go come August 11th. 

The day before a race for many is daunting, the nerves kick in, the unknown becomes quite a noisy sound in the head, but with the right preparation, there is nothing to fear! The most important piece of the training plan is here. The rest. The recovery. The nutrition. The hydration. Quite often when competing in an endurance event, we often wonder if we’ve done “enough” and over train leading in to the final days.Guess what. Training hack 101…You will not get any fitter in a week! Supporting your nervous system, skeletal system, and immune system is crucial.

Here are my tips for the final days before your 14km race, the City2Surf:

  1. Hydrate. Increase your water intake and be diligent with it. Drink regularly, and decrease caffeinated beverages as it can cause dehydration.
  2. Nutrition. Eat well, eat clean, and eat adequate carbohydrates. They are a premium source of energy for your body. Gone are the days of a “dirty” carb load the night before. Moderate carb increase should begin a few days out with whole grain and starchy carbs such as rice, oats, sweet potato etc. Keep your food the night before clean. The last thing you want is an upset stomach on race morning. Don’t eat things you are not used to.
  3. Electrolytes. Very important to ensure your electrolyte levels are up. Add them to your water the day before and morning of race. This will improve muscular function and may reduce risk of cramping. It’s also important for your heart health.
  4. Take time to use recovery methods such as foam rolling, compression, light massage, and stretching. This will increase and improve blood flow and oxygen transportation to your muscles.
  5. Take yourself for a light 3-4 km run the day before your race. LIGHT. It is important to tick the legs over after a week of tapering.
  6. SLEEP. Ensure you are putting emphasis on your sleep. Your body works best when it’s rested. This will help balance stress hormones, and may reduce muscle tissue break down.
  7. Meditate. It’s the best way to take focus away from your nerves, and become comfortable with your ability to complete the race. The less you can “think” about race day, the better.
  8. Read a fiction novel the night before, or watch a comedy based movie. Don’t go reading articles on how to improve running performance during your race, or research data on race statistics.STOP YOUR BRAIN FROM OVER THINKING. You will sleep easier, and find that you are not waking up thinking about what you need to do.
  9. Have your run kit ready to go the night before. Shoes and socks out. Bib pinned on singlet. Race nutrition packed. Most importantly on this note, DO NOT wear a new pair of shoes the day of your race.
  10. Lastly, just have FUN! Remember the hard work is done. The race is the most enjoyable part of the journey. It’s one for the memory bank, and an accomplishment to be so proud of! Good luck to everyone competing in the City2Surf, I can’t wait to run with you all! 

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