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Everybody’s Doing’ It

Did you know that we’ve opened a float therapy studio just down the road from Flow Athletic? Yep FLOW REVIVE is a sanctuary of stillness in the heart of Paddington.

Well now you do. And here are 6 reasons YOU should float today….because…everybody’s doin’ it.

Sleep Deep

This is at the top of the list because who doesn’t need a good sleep? A good sleep cycle is the difference to a productive and good vibin’ week and one that’s tried slow and stuck. The magnesium you absorb in the float tank along with the proven fact that floating reduced cortisol levels will give you a good dose of Vitamin ZZZZZ.

Hello Glowly Skin

You can thank the epsom salt in the float tank for this. Many people report that their skin feels softer and more ‘alive’. Enough said.

Pain Away

Feeling the aches and pains of a desk bound body? Hit up one too many super sweaty Flow Athletic yoga class with KK or a Slammin’ session with Ryan? When we float, gravity isn’t a thing which means your joints and muscles take a well deserved break. The salt water also works wonders for inflammation and joint muscle pain. It’s also going to help you recover faster so you can get back into your training and practicing with extra oomph.

Chill Out

Although the sensory deprivation can seem daunting for some initially, being away from your devices and work only always serves to soothe the nervous system. Tip: Try focusing on the sound of your breath and when work stuff and life issues come back, return to the sound. It’s kind of like a really lazy, super-beneficial-in-so-many-ways meditation. 

Get Enlightened

With so much quiet space, it’s often the place floaters say they have the most inspired and crazy/awesome ideas.

It Makes for Good Chat & Broadens your Horizons

If nothing else, try it. What have you got to lose? If nothing else it makes for great water cooler chat and some good Insta stories (no nudies pls) plus you will have experienced something new. We dare you.

Oh and we also have Infra Red Saunas down there as well as Normatec Recovery Technology.

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