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Conscious Eating Top Tips with Alexx Stuart

So here they are!

Alexx’  top tips for those of you who attended her Conscious Eating workshop and cooking demo at Flow Fest last weekend. PLUS two recipes as a little sweetener from the kindness of her heart and to say THANK YOU for helping us raise money and awareness for Beyond Blue.

  1. Ask yourself “Is My Food A Stranger?” and navigate your food choices consciously from there. Do you feel comfortable with the ethics of the company and it’s food production? Do you feel comfortable with the ingredients? How about how far it’s travelled to be eaten by you?
  2. Eat while you’re eating – and talk to friends and family. Don’t do other stuff while you’re eating. Mindful appreciation for eating good food enhances the experience AND your digestion.
  3. Eat Real. Don’t chase fads. Keep a journal and ask yourself at the end of each meal: How was that for me? Do I feel energetic or lethargic? Do I feel happy and light or heavy and brain foggy? DO I still feel hungry?YOU have the answer to your best diet, not someone’s blog post!
  4. Source great local purveyors. The one I mentioned in the talk was OOOOOBY. Get pesticide free fruit and veg delivered to your door.
  5. “Soup up” basic meals with big nutrients. Tasmanian kelp powder or Dulse flakes for a host of minerals, uts and seeds together for complete protein addition to vegetarian meals, butter or coconut oil rather than inflammatory vegetable oils, varied colours for varied nutrients.
  6. Eat a little less meat overall, and choose ethical. GRUB was the butcher I mentioned. Egganic eggs were the eggs I mentioned.
  7. Does it matter if I have the odd ice cream out with friends or burger or non organic vegetables? No. What matters is what you do most of the time, not what you do ‘the odd time’ once a weekend or low frequency in general. Our bodies are good detoxifiers and while we’re asking way to much of them eating fake packets of weirdness and loads of takeaway, they can handle the odd ‘non ideal’ situation with gusto so go with the flow and enjoy every now and then… The stressing over food will provide negative health consequences you don’t need!


Will you spend heaps more cash as you move to more ‘real food’ vibes? I find no, provided your meals are nutrient dense – rainbow colours, healthy fats from plant or animal foods, ethical proteins and lots of herbs, spices and a few nuts and seeds. Ditching all the packets of weirdo snacks is a saving and then we reinvest into our meal times being more nourishing so we don’t need to snack. Win win.

Need ideas on adding lots of nourishment to your meals? GO HERE.
Do I have a book? Yes, a digital book online which can be your go to nourishing sweets book. Real Treats. 

My site is HERE
My facebook is HERE
Insta and twitter are @Alexx_Stuart

What did I make on Saturday?

Veggie San choy bow – CLICK HERE
Chocolate buckwheat bars – CLICK HERE

It was such a pleasure to be part of the Flow Fest. See you next time!

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