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Be Your Own Hero – Simon Lightfoot

Crossing the finishing line after a gruelling first 1/2 ironman certainly brings a massive sense of achievement and the bug to do more.

Simon was one of our founding members. I remember him on Open Day and could sense his slight hesitation. Like everyone else in Paddington, I could see his curiosity, but not quite convinced, state of mind on this new group fitness place that had no free weights or treadmills. Although slightly hesitant, this also inspired him and  the curiosity was then thrown my way as I watched him gradually change month by month from a dedicated non-yogi, to a progressively open minded stretch fanatic and athlete – not to mention his dropped a bomb of KG’s and looks crazy good!

Simon tells us about his journey over the past 7-8 months since his training began with us.

Tell us a bit about ‘Simon’ outside of Flow Athletic?
My life is occupied with running our family business called Blindmaster – 30 years based on the Northern Beaches and taking over some pretty big shoes of the oldies. Its a great business, we have a great team of 9, work with great people in the architectural and design fields and love creating sensational outdoor living solutions for the well heeled.
During my off time from work, I enjoy participating in triathlons – olympic and 1/2 ironman, participating in the various 1/2 marathon running festivals, and for complete downtime, heading down to the cottage for some fresh country air and mow-zing about the farm. And in between all that, heading up to Flow Athletic for solid hit out on the bikes and TRX or a good stretch.
Why did you join Flow Athletic?
I was initially looking for a spin room to keep up my bike training for the triathlons. After walking up the stairs on opening day and meeting you, you gave me the run down on the Flow Athletic philosophy. As an avid punter in the self training regime and grind, It all made sense to mix it up and seemed refreshing to try something new and different. As a complete novice to Yoga and the belief that it wasn’t a blokes thing, i’ve had a complete change in mindset, and its now a core component to my weekly routine.
What’s your favourite class? 
Tough question – pending what side of the bed Ive woken up on – and what sort of music I want to listen to but a good old 45 min spin fast class by Shannon certainly sorts you out. Then again, a good stretch and relaxation can put ease to a long and tiring day. No matter the class, the outcome is the same – I leave feeling great.
What are some changes you’ve noticed since training with us and are there any achievements you want to inspire other with?
Achieving PB’s in the triathlons and 1/2 marathons are always a sign of somethings going right when you follow the Flow Athletic philosophy. Over the last 6 months, I have certainly seen a physical change in greater core and body strength, not necessarily muscle building, but just a stronger physique. Also mentally, I feel a lot more relaxed, calmer and level headed (pending Sydney traffic through!). It’s allowed me to be better focused on clearly visualising, setting and achieving my goals and this is certainly a very positive thing. Crossing the finishing line after a gruelling first 1/2 ironman certainly brings a massive sense of achievement and the bug to do more.

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