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30 Days CLEAN August is officially over, but hopefully our 250 dedicated athletes will take away some life long lessons from their experience.

Considering doing the next one?  These comments might convince you:

Corin Dimopoulos The quiet revelation has been the nutritional aspect, which has been enjoyable and very educating. The altruistic angle, with BeyondBlue, was a nice touch, subtly extending the focus beyond just oneself. And the reading mandate, for balance. But the biggest learning has beenmaintaining intensity in training, day after day, and not tailing off in sessions when Ben Lucas grants one of his 10 second rest breaks, which he thinksare like a 3-week beach holiday in the Maldives, but are really just 4 seconds long while he changes tune on his iPod. Intensity and focus rather thanphoning it in are key, it seems – even when flirting with cardiac arrest. The best thing was convincing my wife to complete the challenge as well. It’s easieras a pair. Do it with a partner/friend, not just in a biblical sense, but the challenge as well. It makes it easier.

Stephanie Anna Career wise, I have ticked so many things off my list this past month! My mind is clearer, I feel grounded and calm. Sugar cravings don’t exist but, and I think it’s only psychologically, I crave that coffee with a friend … Peppermint Tea has been a happy replacement. Determined to try to stayaway from caffeine for another month just to see if I can actually rid it from my life!

Jessica Martin That no matter how much you exercise, if your diet isn’t good then there are no results. Sugar is easy to go without as long as it isn’t shoved in front if my face all the time and also to make sure I have my own versions of treats.

Sue Ingram The biggest learning for me was how to eat properly, and being sugar free meant no cravings. I’ve also enjoyed the classes, the instructors are really good.

Maryanne Edwards I liked the technology detox, 8hr block one day a week – I will keep that up for sure. And of course those darling spin classes!

Alexx Swainston Stuart That strength is brilliant for thyroid symptom reversal. Definitely going to keep up 3 a week of strength. Also, I don’t ‘need’ 2decaf piccolos every day… I’m going to pool it into savings as holiday adventure cash instead! Thx ben. Been an awesome month.

Michael Read How easy it is to go without sugar

Martina Kann Preparation is key. If you have the healthy unprocessed stuff on hand, resisting temptation is a breeze. Plus, I don’t need alcohol to sleep.

Kelly Innis Life exists without coffee…

Kristy Officer New perspectives! On training, nutrition and future, it’s been such a great experience!

Caroline Depledge How I should be eating !

Sue Ingram The biggest learning for me was how to eat properly, and being sugar free meant no cravings. I’ve also enjoyed the classes, the instructors are really good.

James Mack I agree with a lot of the above, but for me it was learning that I not only like to cook, I’mactually ok at it!… That and what Martina Kann said… Have healthy stuff on hand and I didn’t even consider junk food

Katherine McDonald Going out is fun and possible if you’re mentally prepared. Just get a large soda water with a wedge of lime and relax.

Nikki Stamp Progress not perfection.




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