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Meet Your Trainer – Shannon Boyce

Life before Flow
Working on contract as a plumber in Gladstone.
Exercise-wise I was doing Cross Fit 5-6 days a week

What led you to joining the team?
I really wanted to make a career change. I studied my fitness certificates whilst working in Gladstone, but was unsure how I was going to break into the industry. I spoke to Ben (Lucas) on NYE 2012. He told me about Flow Athletic and that it would be opening in the first half of 2013. The next time I saw Ben was in February in LA at a Buck’s party. He offered me a position with the business, and that I started in 2 weeks. I was going to hang around the states for an extended period, but I cut my trip short to get home and prepare.

What do you enjoy most about your career?
I love what I learn from my team members and the community. I really value the interaction with the community and being part of a team environment

Proudest moment to date with Flow?
Running and finishing the SMH half marathon with my client and friend Kira Comino. Seeing her physical and emotional growth over the 3 month run training program, progressing to a sensational run on the day.

Future at Flow?
Being an integral part of the business as it expands and diversifies. Taking the business online and further into wellness. Followed by world domination.


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