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Yoga 20/30 meets The Space Between

We were well on our way to kicking off another Yoga 20/30 in April and then boom…life changed as we knew it. We went from sweaty high fives to air kisses and elbow taps and we changed up Friday night drinks to 4pm Happy Hour at home (ok…admit it, once or twice it’s been 3pm).

The Flow doors closed but we, as a community, bounced back super quick and found alternative ways to kick our own bums and get our zen on but in a more ‘isolated’ way. Go us!

So now that we’re adjusting to our new norms, it’s time to reclaim some good habits and put in place some new ones that could just prove life changing. 

The whole world is being forced to slow down, why not go with the flow? Why resist it? Why just go back to our old routines and habits? 

Why not embrace some change? 

There’s no one to see but yourself. There’s oodles of time to reflect and, dare I say, perhaps the opportunity to enjoy these moments of solitude. I’ve been thinking recently that when things start returning to ‘normal’ again, I don’t want to have ‘missed the point’. 

We’re being pushed in a new direction, so why don’t we get out of our own way and get clear as to what that really is? 

I want to watch the unfolding and participate, don’t you? 

So without trying to re-invent the Yoga 20/30 ‘Iso-styles’, I wanted to offer you all my The Space Between e-course, designed a few years ago out of my own mess with burnout. The course is designed to specially suggest ways to slow down, re-prioritise joy, connect and be of service – the latter perhaps being one of the single most important things we could learn to do right now.

The philosophies and suggestions in the course aren’t my own. I can’t take credit. Although presented through my own life experience – it’s the wisdom from my teachers, mentors and those who have in some way led me into inspiration.  I just want to share what they’ve shared with me. It’s come from faceplant experience, real life stuff and relatable to the A-Type over achiever or anyone who strives for that ‘elusive’ and mythical thing called balance. This isn’t a program designed to slow you down forever or take away your ambition, instead it provides space for you to catch up, reprioritise and go ahead with more potent clarity than before. 

It comes with a few Moving Meditation Videos, Guided Meditations, philosophies and daily suggested ways of ‘living them’, weekly affirmations and tools to use beyond. I usually sell it for $119 but for you it’s free.  It’s ready for a 2.0 version so I could use the feedback and I think we could all use the inspiration to dig deep and reflect a little as well as still incorporate the 20 classes to feel lighter, stronger, calmer.  
Interested? What next?

Find out about the course in more depth here:
And if you’re still interested after that, email me and I can get you set up by sending you a CODE. The course begins on Sunday/Mondays so to get started as a group, I’ll need to know if you’re participating by Friday 17th for us to kick off with a LIVE opening circle on the evening of Sunday 19th April. 
For any members that have done the course before, I have a little bonus for you also. Just let me know.

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