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Top 5 Reformer Tips for Beginners

  1. Come to class early and inform the teacher. We want to ensure your first few classes on the reformer are safe and effective. This way we can run through a super quick induction to the reformer machine to ensure you know how to get into the exercise or transition in and out safely. 
  2. Slow is better, it’s not how many you can do but it’s about how well you can sustain good form and correct activation for the working period. We want to aim for a smooth movement throughout as compared to jerking the movement against resistance. The longer we can be in the sustained tension zone, the more effective the exercise. 
  3. Don’t be fooled by the springs. The springs system works in two ways. For certain exercises, increased resistance will increase the challenge and/or intensity whilst for certain exercises, it is the exact opposite. So listen out carefully for the spring selections given by the teacher. 
  4. Ask for help. Each exercise is targeted at a specific muscle or muscle group. Listen out for the target zone and please don’t hesitate to reach out to the teacher in the event that you are uncertain or struggling to feel the exercise. 
  5. Take rest as needed. Give yourself the permission to reset and realign the body every now and again. Good form and spinal alignment especially trump movement anyday. 

FlowReformer Tone x Align is designed specifically to be taught at a slower pace with less complicated repertoires. This class is beginner friendly yet effective enough even for the most advanced student on the reformer. 


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