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The Space Between by Kate Kendall

“I  live for those moments; The spaces between. The spaces between ‘doing’, between speaking, between movements, between thoughts; and between breaths. Those rare moments of stillness in which there’s nothing. Pure bliss.”It’s inspiring and motivating to have goals and to reach them and strive for excellence in whatever we pursue; to give them our all and to be completely committed to making change to the way we live, act and serve the community. It’s inspiring to see people create something from nothing and move beyond their comfort zone into a place that exceeds all expectations that they, or others, have of them. I stand for this and always will.But as much as there is a time for ‘doing’, achieving, being inspired and inspiring others through excellence, there’s also a time for stepping back and simply ‘being’.We live in a distracted society and the social media epidemic is reaching new measures. Although these platforms have no doubt had a hugely positive impact on our culture, I see students walk out of a yoga class and straight into a world of Instagram and Facebook – myself included sometimes. I think we’re starting to create unhealthy habits with our phones and devices. This over use and addiction to what’s going on anywhere but right where we are at that point is time is setting up our nervous systems for overload, crash and burn.I was chatting with my good friend and Flow Athlete, Bec, the other day who predicts that the next form of ‘anorexia’ will be ‘fit-orexia’ not to mention this fear that we’re missing out by not checking our social channels three times an hour (admit it – sometimes more). With so much pressure through social media to have the tightest abs, leanest arms and perkiest backside, I agree with her that this pressure to be physically elite, as well as socially up to date (to the nano second)  is going to take it’s toll on our nervous system, health and overall wellbeing.I see all of us here at Flow Athletic as able role models to take responsibility (myself included) and to make a stand for enjoying the small things, allowing ourselves to relax and not succumbing to this pressure of over achievement physically, academically and personally. Make space for enjoying the ‘spaces between’ and know that it’s in these moments that magic happens and in which some of the most creative thinking and inspired moments are actually born.

Here are some tips on how to experience the ‘space between’: (all of the below is enjoyed even more device-free!)

– Buy a bean bag. They’re affordable, mobile and come in a range of colours to suit your personality and mood. Plus you can plonk into them and chill out with a friend, a book or little mate Wilbur. More on the art of ‘plonking’ later.
– Lie in the sun. Take time out on your weekend to lie in the grass and soak up some Vitamin D. It will instantly lift your mood, relax your muscles and teach you the art of slowing down. Notice any form of resistance or boredom 30 seconds in – be strong – stay lazy just for a bit.
– Gratitude. Train yourself when you wake in the morning to remind yourself of the things you’re grateful for. Even if you roll over to your partner or pet and share with them your little morsels of gratitude. Warning: Flow Athletic takes no responsibility for the negative feedback one receives when you sharing with them before a 5.30am class.
– Disconnect to Reconnet: Take half a day each week to disconnect from social media, emails and texts. If someone wants you urgently enough they’ll call. Step away from the phone and start opening your eyes to right now.
Eating Meditation: spend one meal a week where all you do is focus on chewing, sensations, taste, how the food moves over the tongue and down into the stomach. Savour, enjoy and appreciate where your food came from.

Above all and when in doubt, take a deep breath. Hold for three seconds. Exhale slowly. Hold for three seconds. Repeat. See what happens.

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