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The Beauty Essentials – Post Workout

Since going to the gym is something that is a vital part of so many people’s daily routines, we need to think about making it as practical as possible. And if you are using your lunch break to hit the gym or you have somewhere to be right after your evening workout, you want to make sure you are exiting the gym looking at least halfway decent.

So, let’s see what the products are which should have a designated place in your gym bag to help you look your best when leaving the gym.

Shower kit

If you do workouts where you sweat a lot, then you probably like to take a shower after you’re done. And even if you don’t, there will be times when you will need to take a shower, so having a little shower kit in your gym locker or bag is a good idea. A small shower gel and a shampoo is all you need, and depending on how often you use them, you can keep a full-sized bottle or a small sample size. You should also keep a clean towel and a fresh change of underwear.

Dry shampoo

Nobody has time to wash their hair every single time they go to the gym, but it’s a fact that your scalp is sweating and your hair is going to look greasy. This is where dry shampoo comes to save the day. Get one that is in the color of your hair to avoid the infamous white powder look. If you can’t get dry shampoo, you can also have a small bottle of talcum powder that will give the same effect but might leave white streaks. Besides that, you want a hairbrush to brush out the product and leave you with picture-ready hair. (ps. we love the Aveda Dry Shampoo)


It’s common knowledge that you shouldn’t be wearing makeup when you are exercising. Your body is sweating, and the sweat needs to come out of your pores, which it can’t do if they are blocked by foundation and setting powder. After each workout, you want to wash your face with lukewarm water and a mild face cleanser to make sure you are rinsing all of the dirt that might have mixed with sweat and stayed in your pores. After that, you want to apply your skincare products: a moisturizer, preventive acne products, a serum and a primer. Make sure you wait about 15 minutes after training to do all of this because your body will still be sweating after you finish.


After training, you don’t want to be going out to an event looking like you’ve just used up all of your energy, even though we’re sure you did. Thus, you should carry a small makeup kit that will make sure you are always looking fresh and stylish. Concealer, mineral powder, mascara, a basic eyeshadow kit and a lipstick are all you need, and they can fit into a small makeup bag that you can leave in your locker. Make sure that all of the tones are neutral so that you are prepared for any occasion.

Blotting wipes

Even if you’ve showered and you feel fresh, your body might still be throwing out some oils and sweat. This is where blotting sheets, that make sure your face stays matte and oil-free, come in handy. Keep them in your purse and simply press them on your face if you feel you are getting a bit shiny.

Hair accessories

You might feel a bit hot and worn out after a workout, and you won’t want your hair to be down. Carry a small bag with hair ties and bobby pins so that you can whip up a perfect ponytail in the blink of an eye, or have a large hair clip for a quick messy bun. If you like wearing things like headbands or tied scarfs, keep those in the bag as well.

Nobody expects you to look red carpet-ready when you exit the gym, but if you are meeting someone who doesn’t know where you’ve been, there’s no need to whip out the “I’ve just been to the gym” excuse if you have all of these products on you. So get your workout on and exit the gym looking like you’ve just stepped out of your home in the morning.

By Diana Wills.

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