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Socks, the 100 club & new membership options.

Introducing the Athlete Reformer Unlimited Membership


  • Unlimited Reformer sessions at Flow;
  • Access to in-house workshops and events e.g. Reformer Squad program (and many more to come);
  • Great for mixing up training schedule and/or adding new training stimulus to keep the body guessing and avoid plateau.

Members are encouraged to speak to front desk for a trial class (or two) if they haven’t already. 

Reformer Squad: 8-Week Program

Intermediate and advanced series on the reformer. Suitable for the already competent to polish their skills to the complete novice who would like more one-on-one attention taking this opportunity as a fast track foundations-to-intermediate course. Final week of enrolment: sign up here.


Socks will now be compulsory in Reformer for both personal hygiene and safety purposes. We recommend grip socks (non-slip) which members can also purchase from reception. 

100 Club

Celebrating the first member who crossed into the 100 Club — Jennifer Grossemy — who has completed more than 100 reformer pilates classes since we launched this year. 


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