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Savouring Slow

Big ups to all who took on the 4 week Yoga & Mindfulness challenge ‘The Space Between’ which kicked off Monday.

Our focus for week one seems pretty simple, right? To SLOW down.

After all, we’re being asked, if not forced, to slow down in a major way. But from conversations I’m having, I think we’re, for the most part, getting pretty used to that. We’re noticing the birds, the butterflies and the magic that is this Autumn weather. Tick.

But are you all in and committed to this ‘pause’ for as long as it takes?

Be honest, how many of you are looking for the light at the end of the tunnel? How many of you are starting to think this will all be over soon and I’ll only have to sit with myself a few more weeks?

What if we approached each day with a knowing that each day is completely fresh and new and that our lives will never return to the way they used to be? Ever. And perhaps for the better?

Why not embrace the change and get slow enough to adapt to this new pace so that when we do (eventually) return to something that resembles something vaguely familiar from our past, we will have the tenacity and gusto to give it new life, to set new goals and to embrace a new world.

Slow down. Lean in. Don’t miss the point.

I hope you’re well on your way to hitting that 20 classes in 30 days mark and that you’re digesting the information on the course from this week slowly.

And don’t forget your medicine: daily meditation and set your Nature Date for this week if you haven’t already.

And finally, I have a little something extra for you this coming Sunday:

Sunday 26 April, 8am-8.30am:

I’ll talk to a philosophy from the course which can be applied to your living and then lead a fifteen min meditation.

Ease & Flow, yogis,

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