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New to reformer? Take the quiz

#1. Are you new to reformer?

Yes, proceed to #6
No, proceed to #2

#2. Are you after a fast- or slow-paced class today?

Fast, proceed to #3
Slow, proceed to #6

#3. Do you consider yourself a Pilates addict and can’t get enough of it?

Yes, proceed to #5
Hmm, maybe? Proceed to #4

#4. Are you looking to just switch off and work your butts off? (puns fully intended)

Oh yes, proceed to #7
Not quite, proceed to #5

#5. Have you done at least about 5 reformer classes at Flow Athletic and are familiar with the machines?

Yes, proceed to #8
No, proceed to #7

#6. You should book in to Tone x Align today!

In this class, we specifically slow the pace of the class down to work on precision and alignment. Don’t be fooled by the slow nature as the burn is still so real and fully guaranteed during and after the class!

#7. You should book in to Sweat x Burn today!

As the name suggests, let’s get sweating and burning! Taught at a dynamic pace, you’re guaranteed to work hard and slightly competitive to great pumping music! Ain’t nobody got time for anything else but some well deserved endorphins to brighten your day!

#8. You should book in to Squad x Sculpt today!

In this class, we teach a flowing and progressive sequence to work on the intermediate and advanced repertoires on the reformer. For the true pilates lover and for those who would like to feel the deep burn to the core! (again, pun fully intended)

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