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New strength programs for summer 2020

Flow Athletic is looking forward to launching our new strength programs in time for summer 2020.

The updated programs have been written by Andy Tudor, our PT manager, and Ben Lucas our director, who have 30 years combined experience in the fitness industry.

Our aim is to give our members greater variety, increased intensity, and a more complete workout through the process. The programs are broken down into 4 seasons, with 4 x 3 week phases per season and 4 workouts per phase will include an upper body, lower body, cardio and core session.

We have added over 100 individual sessions to the programming between Metcon and IRN. We are also very excited to announce that we are working with Dj Kristy Milson to give each workout its own individual playlist.

The new strength programs officially kick off December 1st, but we will be trialling a few of the updated sessions in November. We would love to hear your feedback on our strength program overhaul!

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