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How to set H.A.R.D. Goals in 2020

The new year is always a great time to reflect on the previous year and set some goals for the upcoming one.

I know a lot of people work off the SMART goal setting system. Personally, I like to set H.A.R.D. goals:

  • H: Heartfelt
  • A: Animated
  • R: Required
  • D: Difficult


As cheesy as it may sound, but does it feel like you have an emotional attachment to the goal? Is it guiding you to a desired future or prevent you from heading towards an undesirable one? You are more likely to pursue any goal you have a strong connection with. It should be all that your heart desires, as the saying goes.


The next step is to visualize the goal. By visualize we mean how would the goal look like once it has been achieved. What would be the effects of achieving this goal? Also, if you are not able to achieve, then how would the end result look like?  Take a moment and create a picture in your mind about how you would feel about the end result. To connect with your goals in a better way, you need to be more animated with your visualization. The stronger and clearer this vision gets, the more focused you will at working towards these goals.


How does the goal tie in with your path to success? Will it also be responsible for contributing towards your organisational success? Clearly articulate why this goal is required and if it will make an impact in your personal or professional life or both. It proves as a stronger motivation.


It is recommended that these goals should be ambitious and push one away from his or her comfort zone. Set goals that require you to learn new skills or go for challenges that previously intimidated you. It is the only way of making sure you achieve the best version of you.

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