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How Reformer Pilates can help runners improve

If you’re a competitive or recreational runner, Reformer Pilates could be the answer to improving your personal best and reducing your risk of injury.

In a survey carried out by the Australian Sports Commission and published by Sports Medicine Australia, the startling results revealed up to 70% of runners are subject to injuries during any 12-month period. The most predominant complaints were knee injuries occurring from overuse with runners

A study published by PLOS One during 2018 noted trained distance runners experienced significant improvements in running performance and time over 5km and better use of oxygen (known as VO2max), after 12 weeks of Pilates training.

Mat-based Pilates versus Reformer Pilates

Both mat-based and Reformer Pilates have excellent benefits for runners by promoting good running technique and reducing the risk of injury, however, Flow Athletic encourage runners to try their Reformer classes for slightly faster results.

Using the Reformers is extremely beneficial for runners with bad knees. It provides an opportunity to concentrate on adjusting the way the knee tracks over the ankle, and can assist with alignment of the hip and stabilising weak muscles.

Benefits of Reformer Pilates

Improves your breathing

Most of us when we breathe, shallow-breathe taking the air into our chest rather than the lungs. The Reformer routine encourages proper breathing techniques to activate your core muscles and expands your diaphragm to draw in more oxygen for increased stamina. When you’re long distance running, you can apply the breathing patterns you’ve learnt through Pilates to boost your power your muscles, even during times when you’d prefer to lie down in the gutter.

Better stability

When your hips, knees and ankles align and track correctly, you’ll find your more stable on your feet, even when running on uneven terrain. The Reformer uses a pulley system to ensure correct positioning. With help from your instructor, you’re sure to see definite improvements with knock-knees and ankle instability.

Better Posture

Did you know when your posture is correct, your body’s organs function better? By focusing on improving your upper body posture, you’ll not only look and feel more confident, but your lungs will be better positioned to take in more oxygen.

Enhanced performance

You’ll shave time off your personal best when you’re more stable on your feet, correct breathing technique and posture, ensures your muscles are getting the oxygen they need. This will allow you to pick up your pace and push harder when navigating hill climbs and cross country.

Where can I find Reformer Pilates classes?

If you’re ready to take your running to the next level, no matter whether it’s running for fun or you’re a professional, discover Reformer Pilates at Flow Athletic. We’re located in Paddington, NSW Classes are scheduled at convenient times to work in with your day. View the timetable. These classes are only available for members only because they are in such high demand. To find out more about membership visit our website or contact us today (02) 9331 6721.


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