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3 Ways to Feel Like a Goddess (even if you’ve had the day from hell)

Hey you know what? It’s all easy to sit there and feel fine ’n’ divine when you’re meditating on a mountain top or enjoying a 6 week tryst in Byron – but what about 99% of the time when life is at full throttle – working, looking after the kids, getting groceries and keeping the balance of friends / man / family at an even keel?

Well, it’s a little bit harder. I’m under no pretence that modern life is demanding – and often times, dangstraight hard. I feel the pressure to squeeze it all in (achieve, mediate, run, stay zen while doing it) on a daily level myself – that’s just the paradigm we can live in from time to time.

But isn’t the true test of divine feminine connection is that you continue to feel nourished, even as is testing you? Otherwise – what’s the point? I don’t need it when I am swimming with dolphins.

I need a dab of the divine when I’m drowning in deadlines!

We all know the techniques – go for a run, take a few deep breaths, call a friend – when life gets too hard. But what I’m about to suggest are some simple swaps that will make you feel downright ‘goddessy’.

If you have a dedication to your small practices, you’re bound to see the difference. However, most of life’s joy is in our attitude. Even with our daily modern woes, we are all lucky, lucky ladies, aren’t we. So no matter what, let’s act like it!

Here is a combination of specifically woman-centred techniques I personally use to replenish my energy on testing days. Just try them and see if you don’t get your bounce back.

1. Instead of coffee… try a green juice.

Come on Flow gals – when both Jackie’s mean green smoothie and Orchard St elixirs are within arm’s reach, there is no excuse not to pre-fuel with a beautiful alive beverage. Get those life affirming, alkalising, positive-vibe-inducing anti-oxidants flowing. Wouldn’t you rather face your day with skin that’s more Miranda Kerr than Lindsay Lohan (sorry Linds)?

2. Instead of a run… try dancing.

Dancing is direct dial-up to the soul. You know it! Go pronto to Ryan’s awesome dance class on a Wednesday night (giggles guaranteed)! Or if you’re at home, connect with whatever you’re feeling… then unleash your dancing wild-card, Sia style! Helps if no one is around, but if you add feeling, sound and unpredictable moves to your improv, your mood will lift quicker than an uphill pavement pound.

3. Instead of talking… try singing.

Another weird technique (not really), but deep down we all love a good singalong. Because no matter what’s going on in life, belting melodies at the top of your lungs can make you feel reborn. So if you’re driving home after a less-than day, crank up the radio and hold off on calling your bestie until you’ve sang along to at least three of your favourite tunes. Boom – $200 on therapy bills averted just like that.
Want more weird, wonderful and absolutely proven techniques to be that irresistible, happy girl in the room no one can take their eyes off (even if she’s just worked 10 hours)?

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